My colleague at work is a star. He successfully completed an ultra marathon and runs full marathon distance every weekend! He is popular in the company and provides guidance to “would be” runners. He is featured in firm-wide emails sent by HR. He has achieved, what so many of us secretly desire, recognition!

One of the common gripes at work is the lack of recognition. It is often cited as the reason for lacking motivation. However, my runner friend got all the recognition in the world even without asking anyone. Is there any secret to seeking recognition?

I believe the answer lies in just answering the simple question – “Are you only maintaining status quo at work? Are you only carrying forward the legacy of those who did the same role before you?” If the answer is yes, then it is unfair to ask for recognition. Recognition comes automatically only to those who challenge the status quo. People do get recognised even for maintaining status quo if they remain loyal to their jobs for a long time. However, it takes time.

My runner friend always had a pair of shoes. The road was always there for him to run. He achieved glory only when he put the tools available at his disposal to use and did something that was unique.

People often complain that their project is not challenging enough and does not provide opportunities to make a difference. I beg to differ. I sincerely believe that there is a better way to do any work regardless of the complexity. There is no better example to cite than that of Dashrath Manjhi, who single handedly carved a path through a hillock for 22 years and shortened the distance between two towns from 55 km to 15 km. Everyone else chose to simply go around the hillock. Dashrath chose to solve the problem in a different manner and now has the road named after him!

Challenge the status quo. Recognition will be yours!

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